Robotic industry: + $7.4B to the industrial sensor market

“Whether it is a LiDAR, a radar, a camera or an IMU, the robotic sensor play is far from the ADAS or the consumer AV play.” asserts Pierre Cambou, Principal Analyst, Imaging at Yole Développement (Yole). “The current search for performance and operability in the world of robotics is far greater than the focus on cost and durability that we usually see in the automotive world”.

In this context, the market research & strategy consulting company Yole, intensively analyses the robotic transportation market and technologies and offers a global comprehensive understanding of these industries with two dedicated reports: Sensors for Robotic Goods Transportation releases this week and the Sensors for Robotic Mobility released one year ago.

Aiming to provide a scenario for sensors within both the dynamics of the robotic goods transportation market and the robotic vehicle market, the two reports include market and revenue forecasts, key technical insights and give an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players.

What are the economic and technological challenges of the robotic industry for goods transportation and mobility? What are the key drivers? Who are the suppliers to watch, and what innovative technologies are they working on?

Yole presents today its vision of the latest innovation and market evolution.

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