SCIENION & Cellenion announce the launch of the proteoCHIP 12*16 for single cell proteomics sample preparation on the cellenONE platform

SCIENION & Cellenion, BICO companies, announced the release of the proteoCHIP 12*16, the first available solution enabling reproducible automated miniaturized single cell proteomics sample preparation and standardized workflow for multiplexed single cell mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis. The proteoCHIP 12*16 was developed in partnership with the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna, Austria.

The proteoCHIP further extends the capabilities of cellenONE®, Cellenion’s unique platform for single cell isolation and ultra-small volume dispensing, by facilitating miniaturized sample preparation of individual cells for single cell proteomics workflows.

We are delighted to launch the proteoCHIP consumable range developed in collaboration with Karl Metchler’s group at IMP Biocenter in Vienna,” said Guilhem Tourniaire, PhD, Managing Director & Founder at Cellenion. “We know that many of our existing and prospective customers have been waiting for its release since the publication of the first data last April. This dedicated consumable is going to both facilitate and improve sample preparation for single cell proteomic studies and will be a cornerstone toward the democratization of this new revolutionary field of Biology.”

A market instrument in single cell isolation and dispensing, cellenONE® enables users to dispense and prepare a single cell in each well of the proteoCHIP, including cell lysis, protein digestion, peptide labelling and quenching. While conventional workflows lack automation and involve a lot of user intervention and manual sample handling steps, the combination of cellenONE® and proteoCHIP enable all the front-end of the Mass Spectrometry on a single instrument with minimal user intervention, allowing preparation of up to 576 single cells per run. The proteoCHIP, together with its Funnel and Accessory Kit, also enables easy sample pooling by centrifugation then direct injection into the LC/MS-MS autosampler, to maximum liquid recovery and minimal peptide loss.

We are looking forward to having everyone apply our proteoCHIP to their samples for highly sensitive and reproducible single-cell proteomics data,” said Karl Mechtler, Head of Protein Chemistry Facility at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP).  “The automatization of the temperature and humidity-controlled workflow at low nanoliter volumes within the cellenONE® will allow a multitude of labs to further drive the technology with many exciting applications”.


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