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Software & Computing

By some estimates, there are now more than 260 startups and established companies around the world scrambling to develop, qualify and bring to market chips and technologies for new ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) and autonomous driving applications. Accordingly, venture capitalists, technology companies, carmakers, Tier 1 automotive suppliers and others are sharply ratcheting up their investments in this area. Venture capital investments alone in automotive and other AI-based applications grew to some $1.6 billion last year, up from $1.3 billion in 2016 and $820 million in 2015, according to research firm CB Insights.
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IBM's new chip is designed to do both high-precision learning and low-precision inference across the three main flavors of deep learning. The field of deep learning is still in flux, but some things have started to settle out. In particular, experts recognize that neural nets can get a lot of computation done with little energy if a chip approximates an answer using low-precision math. That’s especially useful in mobile and other power-constrained devices.
Read more ... began in 2015 to transform the relationship between people and transportation. Since then, we’ve built a full stack self-driving system from the ground up, with cutting-edge deep learning technology at its core. Now, it’s time to put our technology on the road and add real value to peoples’ lives with self-driving vehicles.
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Deal to Accelerate Data Center and Intelligent Edge Applications. Xilinx, the leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, announced that it has acquired DeePhi Technology (DeePhi Tech), a Beijing-based privately held start-up with industry-leading capabilities in machine learning, specializing in deep compression, pruning, and system-level optimization for neural networks.
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Acquisition to extend STM32 ecosystem with TouchGFX highly advanced GUI solution for embedded applications will accelerate TouchGFX roadmap and scale distribution to the mass market. TouchGFX with STM32 products offers market-best solution to ignite “HMI of things” revolution (Human-Machine Interface). STMicroelectronics announced its acquisition of software specialist Draupner Graphics.
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NXP's Machine Learning (ML) approach enables scalable processing solutions that balance cost and end-user experience. NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced a comprehensive, easy-to-use machine learning (ML) environment for building innovative applications with cutting-edge capabilities. Customers can now easily implement ML functionality on NXP's breadth of devices from low-cost microcontrollers (MCUs) to breakthrough crossover i.MX RT processors and high-performance application processors.
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