STMicroelectronics, TDK InvenSense, and Bosch Sensortec MEMS IMUs… all you need to know from the technological choices to the design wins with big smartphone OEMs

“The MEMS inertial sensor market focused on IMUs in smartphones is mainly represented by three leading MEMS device manufacturers: STMicroelectronics, TDK InvenSense, and Bosch Sensortec.” asserts Audrey Lahrach, Technology & Cost Analyst, MEMS, Sensors & Displays at System Plus Consulting. She adds: “Those players have made different technological choices in an ultra-competitive sector to reach their own objectives. As an example, we identified different wafer assembly processes such as glass frit, eutectic bonding combined, or not, with fusion bonding”.

Yole Développement (Yole) has been investigating the MEMS industry for a while and collaborates closely with System Plus Consulting to analyze the growth of the MEMS market, the strategies of the MEMS companies, and the evolution of the technologies. In its dedicated MEMS report, Status of the MEMS Industry 2021, the market research & strategy consulting company forecasts a US$838 million consumer IMU market in 2026 with a 5% CAGR2020-2026.
Audrey Lahrach from System Plus Consulting comments: “This growth will be driven by an increasing integration rate of MEMS IMUs in smartphones & wearables. Moreover, the increasing replacement of stand-alone MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes with IMUs will contribute to this growth.”

In this dynamic context, the reverse engineering and costing company System Plus Consulting, part of the Yole Group of Companies, releases today a comprehensive analysis fully dedicated to inertial sensors for smartphone applications: the Mobile Inertial Sensors Comparison 2021 report. For this report, System Plus Consulting looked at a sample of 114 smartphones. It extracted the MEMS inertial sensors from each smartphone and analyzed each IMU found in-depth. The sample included 53 smartphones released in 2019, 54 smartphones in 2020, and 7 in 2021. With this approach, System Plus Consulting’s analysts identified the reference of each sensor for each smartphone and, underlying that, the devices’ manufacturer.

With this new report, System Plus Consulting delivers a comparative review of the most common IMU references for smartphones. The company examined the dimensions and internal structures of their packages, MEMS arrays, and ASICs, as well as their die sizes and cross-sections of the packages. Its objective is to present a comprehensive review of MEMS inertial sensors in smartphones, the technical choices made by each MEMS device manufacturer, and make the link with the relevant OEMs.

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