SUSS MicroTec and micro resist technology GmbH partner in Advancing Nanoimprint Lithography

SUSS MicroTec and micro resist technology GmbH announce a joint venture to further advance the deployment of Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) in the production of future emerging applications. The cooperation is based under the roof of the SUSS Imprint Excellence Center.

SUSS MicroTec, supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry, and micro resist technology GmbH, a company for the development and production of innovative photoresists and advanced nanoimprint materials, announced their cooperation on Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL). NIL is a key enabler of the additive manufacturing revolution through high-fidelity pattern transfer. This UV-curing stamping process is increasingly used in the production of future emerging application in photonics, such as diffractive optical elements in augmented reality glasses or for face recognition as well as for the transfer of micro- and nanoscale structures, e.g. in optical sensors, laser nano-PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrates) or for anti-counterfeiting.

The requirements for nanoimprint lithography and its applications are continuously changing. Therefore, the fundamental objective of the cooperation is to understand newly emerging requirements and to solve them by implementing solutions at both process and materials level, thus addressing the high challenges set by the players in this industry.

High quality imprint is based on three pillars: equipment, process and materials. The first two pillars, equipment and high-volume process manufacturing expertise, are addressed within the SUSS Imprint Excellence Center, a combined venture of SUSS MicroTec Lithography GmbH and SUSS MicroOptics SA. This constellation is further complemented and strengthened by joining the third pillar: the chemical expertise of the nanoimprint material supplier micro resist technology GmbH. The combination of these three pillars allows to better serve the high demanding need of the industry with its ever more challenging requirements on the replication of nanostructures.

“The SUSS Imprint Excellence Center leverages on decades of experience in imprinting equipment together with broad industrial process development in high-volume manufacturing environment,” said Franz Richter, CEO of SUSS MicroTec, “Further strengthening this cluster through a strong partnership with a resist supplier and experienced material manufacturer is mandatory in order to enable the perfect imprinting solutions.”

Involved companies are dedicated to pursue the deepening of their cooperation, with the common goal, to push further the development of existing and new applications towards both high performance and high volume production.

“For more than two decades, micro resist technology has provided tailor-made resist formulations for NIL around the globe”, said Ms. Gabi Grützner, CEO and founder of MRT. “Our profound know-how on polymer chemistry and replication processes allows us to provide state-of-the-art material solutions which addresses a growing number of industrial use-cases where replication technology is applied for the manufacturing consumer products. We are delighted about the cooperation with our partner within the alliance since our customers success of industrial imprint processes can be streamlined when materials and equipment are attuned to each other. This is the great opportunity we see in the SUSS Imprint Excellence Center as the right package is delivered to the community to make NIL available to more industrial users.”


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