Tactical LiDAR collection system

The office of Advanced Technologies Intelligence (ATI) Technical Collections Officers . (TCO) conduct sensitive site exploitation on chemical, biological, and radiological/nuclear (CBRN) facilities of interest.

Current methods for capturing target data are hand drawn sketches, hand held photography, and manual measurements. Specific collection locations or items of interest are often under-documented, which to incorrect analysis. This project proposal is a man-pack portable LIDAR system intended for TCOs to assist with the capture, collection and cataloging of target information during Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) for large scale facilities as well as items of interest in a GPS denied environment. The man-pack LIDAR will automate a portion of these important tasks with non-proprietary technology and photography; providing an accurate, three-dimensional depiction of the scanned areas. The system will enable the TCO to generate a site sketch, document specific sample collection locations, and overlay photos to provide a single, unified product of the entire environment and relevant surroundings. The system must provide real-time output to the user while onsite, to confirm all relevant data is acquired.

Source: https://www.fbo.gov/

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