TDK announces worldwide availability of the industry’s first 7-Axis Motion and Pressure Sensor

• ICM-20789: 7-Axis motion and pressure sensor (3-axis Accel, 3-axis gyro, 1-axis pressure) targeting the consumer electronic, drone, and IoT markets.
• Smallest footprint and easiest implementation of any motion and pressure sensing solution. Combining the industry’s most precise ‘relative pressure’ sensor with TDK’s performance leading 6-axis motion sensing technology.

TDK announces the immediate worldwide availability of the InvenSense ICM-20789 MEMS 7-axis integrated inertial device combining a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and an ultra-low noise MEMS capacitive barometric pressure sensor. The ICM-20789 encompasses a single small footprint, with the industry’s lowest pressure noise of 0.4Pa RMS and excellent temperature stability with a temperature coefficient of ±0.5 Pa/C.

The low temperature coefficient of the ICM-20789 enables the temperature stable capacitive pressure sensor to measure extremely small pressure differences of ±1Pa, enabling the ICM-20789 to detect altitude changes of less than 5cm. This industry leading pressure noise performance enables improved drone altitude-hold and a more accurate tracking of altitude changes for wearables, navigation, and fitness applications.

In mass production of Skyrocket’s new line of Sky Viper drones, Hayley Thistlethwaite, vice president of product development at Skyrocket Toys stated, “the ICM-20789 has helped to improve the overall flight performance from our previous generation of drones, and demonstrated better altitude-hold over other solutions.”

In addition, TDK’s latest high-performance 6-axis motion sensor inside the ICM-20789 integrates the most granular tracking of rotational and linear motion and simplifies the fusing of sensor signals. The motion and pressure sensor integration enables a fast implementation for a wide range of applications including: activity monitoring for wearables, gesture recognition for AR/VR and gaming applications, and step/stair counting for fitness applications.

InvenSense ICM-20789 is available in wide distribution in October 2017. Please visit: or contact InvenSense Sales at

For additional ICM-20789 information:
• Download ICM-20789 datasheet
• Order ICM-20789 samples and evaluation boards
• Download Application Note: Differential Pressure Sensing using ICM-20789 for Altitude-hold in Drones

Main applications
• Drones and Flying Toys
• Smart watches, Wearables, Activity monitoring, Floor and Stair counting
• Motion-based gaming controllers
• Virtual reality headsets and controllers
• Indoor and Outdoor navigation, dead-reckoning

Key features and benefits of ICM-20789

Ultra-low noise and exceptional relative accuracy: Featuring the industry’s lowest pressure noise of 0.4Pa RMS and relative accuracy of ±1Pa, less than 5cm of altitude, the ICM-20789 enables improved altitude-hold of drones, ability to count stairs in wearable activity monitoring applications, and the detection of slight intrusions of security systems
Low temperature coefficient: with an industry-leading temperature coefficient of 0.5 Pa/C the pressure sensor is very stable over a wide range of wide-temperature applications and reduces sensor placement concerns due to heating from nearby components
The industry’s only 7-axis motion sensor: The industry’s only 6-axis device integrated with a pressure sensor provides an easy upgrade path to add altitude measurements in a single small footprint component

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