The Executives Memory Breakfast, an unforgettable moment

With no possible turning back, Yole Group of Companies expertise is growing and its market positioning towards the memory market segment is confirmed. This Executives Memory Breakfast was the first of a long series of dedicated and valuable events, the group will organize.

This week, Yole and its partner System Plus Consulting welcomed leading memory companies at their first Executives Memory Breakfast in Santa Clara, during the Memory week. During 3 hours, analysts detailed the status of the memory business with key figures and market shares. They shared their vision of the industry during a Q&A session: DRAM, NAND, emerging NVM… were part of the program.

Mike Howard, VP of DRAM & Memory Research at Yole, comments the inevitable DRAM market consolidation: “DRAM consolidation took more than 30 years as new participants continually entered the market with the aid of IP  from distressed suppliers and government-backed capital”, asserts. And he adds: “Prior to 2013, DRAM prices fell 75% of the time…since consolidation in 2013 they have only fallen 50% of the time…

Walt Coon, VP of NAND & Memory research at Yole also comments the evolution of the NAND industry: “Over the past 2 decades, the NAND market has experienced tremendous growth but has been plagued by significant volatility and prolonged downturns.” In addition, Walt Coon observes possible consolidation scenarios…

NAND Manufacturers continue to meet the progressive demand of high-performing Flash memories with higher capacity by increasing the number of layers and reducing the die size,” says Belinda Dube, Cost Analyst at System Plus Consulting. “The recent generation allows manufacturers to produce increased Gigabytes per wafer.  3D technology continues to meet the market demands but the complexity of the 3D structure with added layers presents different manufacturing challenges. Future generations will see manufacturers altering their manufacturing process and memory design.

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