The liquid biopsy procedure is becoming a powerful emerging tool for cancer care

Liquid biopsy has the potential to assist at every stage of cancer care, saving lives and cutting healthcare costs. Business opportunities are huge. Associated market is already large and growing extremely fast. In its latest technology & market report, Liquid Biopsy: From Isolation to Downstream Applications, Yole Développement (Yole) announces, the liquid biopsy market will grow from US$1.7 billion in 2017 to US$7.8B by 2023. CAGR during this period reaches 29%. This market includes hardware (systems and devices) and reagent kit sales, along with service revenue, for CTC , ctDNA and exosomes applications.

Liquid Biopsy report from Yole provides a comprehensive overview of liquid biopsy testing, definitions, and why it is used. It is a valuable market analysis of M&A , collaborations, fundraisings and business models. Technical and biological requirements, product examples, key players, market share, and technology trends are also well detailed in this analysis. Yole’s analysts propose a detailed description of the market’s main players with the related supply chain and the technologies involved.

Cancer is a rising concern in modern society. Numerous drivers contribute to the increase of cancer cases, such as ageing of the population, lifestyle, and environment.

Asma Siari, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole delivered a relevant presentation focused on liquid biopsy methods at LOAC Europe this week. Asma revealed a significant overview of this emerging market with technical challenges and possible evolutions.

How is liquid biopsy modifying cancer care pathways? Who is leading this emerging industry? What are the business opportunities? Could we expect impressive technical breakthroughs? The market research and strategy consulting company, Yole invites you to discover a new innovative medical procedure, that could change cancer care…. Full article


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