The microLED displays patent landscape reflects the dynamism of the sector

This year again, the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, 2018 edition allowed us to discover the latest innovations in numerous fields including the microLED displays sector. “The Wall”, a 146” microLED TV powered by Samsung, has been probably the most impressive announcement. The Korea-based LED maker Lumens also proposed a 139” display, with smaller 0.8 mm pitch. In both cases, technology developed by these leaders is not strictly microLED related but confirms the attractiveness of microLEDs solutions. Yole Développement’s (Yole) analyst, Dr. Eric Virey attended the show and proposed a snapshot on

“Initial success in smartwatches could accelerate technology and supply chain maturation, making microLED competitive against OLED in high end TVs, tablets and laptops”, explains Dr. Eric Virey from Yole. “In Yole’s most optimistic scenario, the market for microLED displays could reach up to 330 million units by 2025 .”

The microLED display sector has been deeply analyzed by Yole and KnowMade, both parts of Yole Group of Companies. The partners propose today a detailed patent analysis titled: Microled Displays: Intellectual Property Landscape. Under this new report, they identified key patents, technology nodes and players related to microLED technologies for display applications.

This latest analysis confirms the growing interest around the microLED technologies.

Which companies own the patents? What are their major thrust areas and portfolio strength? Yole Group of Companies invites you to discover the latest insights of this dynamic industry… Full article

Sources: – www.knowmade


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