The Radar Industry is Entering its Commercial Era – Webcast Video

For many years, the radar market was limited to small-volume production for defense and high-end industrial applications, each with its own dedicated ecosystem.

Watch the replay of our webcast broadcast on June 4, 2020 now:

However, over the last decade this has started to change – particularly with the emergence of radar sensors, which by leveraging the increasing need for safety are penetrating the nearly 100Mu automotive market. In fact, automotive radar is today the most dynamic market, boasting the highest growth rate and an increasing number of new entrants vying for position. A latest radar market’s growth relay came in 2019, when a radar sensor was integrated in a mobile handset for the first time ever, creating a fourth promising market segment for this powerful sensor.

In this webcast, Yole Developpement and System Plus Consulting join forces to provide an understanding of today’s radar market and its evolution. Yole will deliver a comprehensive analysis of market trends per market segment, as well as discuss market size and competitive landscapes. Meanwhile, System Plus Consulting will provide thorough cost and technical analyses of radar systems and chips for automotive and consumer. Join us for this important webcast and enrich your understanding of radar market developments.


Cedric Malaquin - Yole Développement

Cédric Malaquin, Technology & Market Analyst, RF Devices & Technology at Yole Développement

Stéphane Elisabeth, Technology & Cost Analyst at System Plus Consulting

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