Thermal camera marketplace: Chinese players take the stage

In its latest report, PISEO evaluates InfiRay’s Micro III camera and provides a detailed performance analysis of China’s leading manufacturer’s thermal imaging device

A lot of work has gone into commercializing and selling thermal cameras from Chinese manufacturers. In the past, there were mainly European and American players in the market, though Chinese companies started more than ten years ago to work on thermal camera technologies. They gained a lot of expertise and have recently been boosted by COVID-19. And now, the question is whether the Chinese manufacturers are going to gain an increasing market share, or will the original regions of origin keep their leading positions?

In this context, Yole Développement (Yole)’s partner, PISEO, investigates disruptive thermal imaging technologies and evaluates the latest innovations. PISEO had previously analyzed the FLIR Boson camera, which is a reference product in the thermal imaging camera market. As the Chinese players are gaining more and more presence in the market, PISEO wanted to benchmark a camera from a manufacturer identified as a Chinese leader.

Today, PISEO’s imaging team releases the report InfiRay Micro III Camera Core Performance Analysis. This study gives a comprehensive and independent thermal imaging analysis of the main features, performance, and imaging system architecture of the InfiRay Micro III camera core.

Olivier Andrieu, R&D Project Director, Mechatronic System Architect at PISEO, asserts: “Thanks to multiple drivers, the market for infra-red thermal imaging cameras and modules is expanding rapidly with many products on offer. There is, therefore, a need for users, integrators, and sensor manufacturers to discriminate between available products based on accurate and independent assessments of their performance and features. This report is the fourth of its kind that will help thermal imaging camera and module market actors better understand the characteristics of such products, enabling better strategic decision making.”

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