Toshiba memory’s XFMEXPRESS redefines storage for ultra-mobile and embedded apps

An article written by Pradeep Chakraborty for PRADEEP’S TECHPOINTS – Toshiba Memory America Inc. has introduced the XFMEXPRESS today. The XFMEXPRESS is a new form-factor technology for removable, PCIe-attached, NVM Express (NVMe) memory devices developed by Toshiba Memory Corp. It aims to redefine the storage for ultra-mobile and embedded applications. 
The launch took place at the ongoing Flash Memory Summit 2019 at the Silicon Valley’s premier convention center, the Santa Clara Convention Center, California, USA.

It offers a powerful combination of size, speed, and serviceability. Compact footprint includes low profile, small form-factor and an optimized mounting space. It supports PCIe 3.0 and 4.0, and PCIe x2 and x4 Lane. Removable design comes with an innovative hinge connector and a screw-less locking mechanism.

Need for new form factor?
Why do we need another form factor? It creates a best of both worlds — M2 SSDs and BGA SSDs. We are providing a new form factor that delivers an unparalleled combination of features designed to revolutionize ultra-mobile PCs, IoT devices and embedded applications… Full article


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