Using IMUs and Sensor Fusion to Unlock Smarter Motion Sensing – Webcast Video

As the world gets smarter and more connected, sensors are becoming more ubiquitous.

Watch the replay of our webcast broadcast on March 26, 2019 now:

For motion sensing applications, like robotics, VR/AR, or even attitude monitoring, IMUs are a cost effective solution. But making the raw output from multiple sensors work together to create meaningful information is not as simple as it seems. In this webinar, engineers will learn about the typical challenges of working with IMUs, from the sensors themselves to the impact of environmental factors (and how to account for them).

We had the opportunity to discuss:

  • What types of applications can use motion sensing (including some less common ones)
  • How an IMU can be used to solve motion problems
  • The importance of qualifying sensors – and how to do it right
  • The common anomalies, environmental factors and challenges of sensor fusion


Guillaume Girardin - Yole Développement

Guillaume Girardin
Phd. Division Director – Photonis, Sensing & Displays
Yole Développement

Charles Pao - Hillcrest Labs

Charles Pao
Senior Technical Marketing Specialist
Hillcrest Labs

Steve Scheirey Hillcrest Labs

Steve Scheirey
Head of R&D
Hillcrest labs

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