Valeo and Groupe Tera develop super fine particle sensors against urban pollution

With the Covid-19 epidemic, the rules of international competition have been shaken up – agility, innovation and industrial power are all key factors for the success of our companies.

The pandemic has made the need for solutions that protect the health of consumers even more meaningful. To meet this pressing requirement, ;#Valeo, one of the world leaders in automotive equipment, and Groupe Tera, a French start-up specializing in air quality measurement, have combined their know-how to develop two new generation sensors for fine particle measurement. Marketed by Groupe Tera under the name NextPM, it allows fixed measurements, while the #Valeo Particles D-Tect-2.5 is dedicated to mobile measurements and meets the requirements of automotive harshest standards.

These sensors are a real technological breakthrough in the field – with the best precision in real-time measurement of #fine particles, they are the cornerstone towards new solutions to limit everyone’s exposure to pollution.


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