VCSEL technology takes off

An article written by Ed Sperling and Kevin Fogarty from SEMICONDUCTOR ENGINEERING – Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) technology, a proven but mostly niche technology until recently, is suddenly a very hot commodity thanks to the introduction of facial recognition in phones and other mobile devices.

VCELS primarily have been used as a low-cost way of tracking movement and transfering data in computer mice, laser printers and in fiber optics. But Apple’s decision to use VCSEL technology for facial identification in its iPhone X has pushed this technology in a different direction. That decision—and the flood of smartphone and consumer electronics makers who followed suit—forced the whole VCSEL market to scale up with new fabrication, testing and validation processes.

“In the VCSEL market, nothing happened for years,” said Ajit Paranjpe, CTO at VeecoFull article


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