VividQ and Himax enter into a new partnership to bring holographic display to the masses

VividQ, a UK-based software company, is partnering with Himax Technologies, (HIMX), a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor solution provider, to create a complete solution for holographic display. In the new partnership, announced, Himax’s mass manufacturing capabilities for LCoS microdisplays and VividQ’s real-time 3D holographic software enable integration of truly holographic projections into consumer devices.

Holographic display enables the projection of highly realistic 3D visuals across a range of applications from Augmented Reality smartglasses to in-car Head-Up Displays. The new partnership will allow technology companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers to build Himax display technology powered by VividQ software suite straight into their products. Himax provides the key hardware component of holographic display systems powered by VividQ’s technology – the first software framework for real time 3D holography.

Himax plays a crucial role in VividQ’s mission to build an ecosystem of holographic technology providers and realise the future of immersive computing,” said Darran Milne, CEO, and co-founder of VividQ. “Alongside market in compute platforms, LCoS displays and optical design, we bring full-depth, high quality and scalable holographic solutions to the masses.

Holography will change the way humans interact with virtual content through automotive Head-Up Displays (HUDs), AR/VR headsets, and consumer electronics, which currently have very limited 3D display capabilities. VividQ and Himax technology will make it possible to create compact holographic consumer devices that present the viewer with multiple planes of depth and offer superior brightness, vastly improving the quality and detail of the 3D display in AR consumer and automotive electronics. For example, traditional HUDs are bulky and cannot provide contextually relevant information at the correct distance, causing drivers to strain their eyes and become distracted.

VividQ’s software platform for holographic display supports our plans to bring LCoS to a vast range of embedded projection systems, especially in the highly innovative south east Asian market,” said Po King Li, VP of Marketing & Sales of Himax Display. “Our partnership will soon bring high-quality, true-depth holographic display in front of consumers for the very first time.

About VividQ
VividQ is a deep tech software company with world expertise in 3D holography. The company was founded in 2017 by a team of expert engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists from the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and St Andrews, who solved key technology barriers in the adoption of holographic display. VividQ’s software brings real- time Computer Generated Holography (CGH) to applications. VividQ collaborates with technology companies to create the most realistic, immersive and sensational experiences.


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