VR, AR and MR headset technologies are almost ready…, announces Yole Développement

“VR and AR have been hot topics for decades,” announces Dr. Bouhamri, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “Therefore, during the past 10 years, we identified a tremendous activity in this field: numerous startups’ creation, more and more big players involved in the development of new technologies, an increase in the number of patents filings as well as many investments and mergers and acquisitions.” Therefore, big companies, small and experienced companies, or even newcomers are part of today’s playground and many are trying to play their cards right. Today, VR and mostly AR are the key to unlock the next generation of consumer products.

Yole proposes today a technology & market report focused on displays and optics for VR, AR and MR headsets.Titled “Displays & Optical Vision Systems for VR, AR & MR”, it reveals the state of the art of the technology and its evolution and details the structure of the industry. This comprehensive analysis presents the technical choices made by the leaders as well as the promising start-ups. It also describes the latest technical innovations and the competitive landscape with IP inputs: the patent activity trends highlighting the decades’ long research in these fields follow the investment activity trends.

It is the first report proposed by Yole’s analysts focused on solutions for VR, AR and MR headset applications. Analysts made a fruitful combination of their expertise in the field of displays, microLEDs, optics and manufacturing to evaluate current and emerging technologies and explain the market evolution… Full article

Source: www.yole.fr 

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