VR locomotion controller ‘3DRudder’ for PSVR delayed until june, priced at $120

3DRudder, the foot-controlled VR locomotion peripheral, has been officially available for PC VR users for around two years now, although the Marseille, France-based company has been working in the meantime to refine their design and also bring it to PSVR too. Now the company has stated that the PSVR version, which was originally intended to launch this month, is delayed until June.

3DRudder for PSVR is slated to launch globally on June 17th, costing $120/€120/£120.

The company’s website seems to still be showing the message “Est. Delivery May 2019,” however a PS blog post maintains that 3DRudder for PSVR is indeed now available for pre-order for global shipping on June 17th.

At the moment, only the European-facing store is taking pre-orders, replete with the same estimated May launch window. We’re keeping an eye on the North American storetoo in the meantime.

3DRudder is VR locomotion device intended for seated use; it’s designed to free up your hands for other tasks like shooting, reloading, etc. To move, you simply tip the rounded bottom in your desired direction, or physically swivel the device slightly with your feet to rotate left and right.

Source: https://www.roadtovr.com/

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