Wise-integration raises €2.7m to miniaturize chargers

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By Anne-Françoise Pelé for EETIMES India – Wise-integration is a spin-off from CEA-Leti that develops GaN-based integrated circuits (ICs) to maximize power supply efficiency and compactness.

Wise-integration, a spin-off from CEA-Leti that develops GaN-based integrated circuits (ICs) to maximize power supply efficiency and compactness, announced it has raised €2.7 million in an initial round of financing.

GaN power market

In 2020, the GaN power market doubled thanks to a robust penetration of GaN devices in fast charger applications, reported market research firm Yole Développement. The adoption of GaN in the smartphone market is fueled by system compactness, high efficiency, and adapter multifunctionalities.

“While GaN continues its ascension in the mass consumer market, the markets for telecom & datacom and automotive & mobility will benefit from the “economy of scale effect” and price erosion,” Yole analyst Ahmed Ben Slimane commented. The GaN power market is set to surpass the $1 billion mark in 2026.

Miniaturizing chargers

Founded in February 2020, Wise-integration builds on a decade of Leti’s R&D on the monolithic integration of GaN on silicon power functions to:

  • Implement new system architectures to get the most out of the performance offered by GaN power components;
  • Deliver high-frequency operation with integrated GaN components (GaN ICs) to make electronic systems smaller;
  • Minimize transformer losses with planar and new magnetic transformers;
  • Use soft switching (ZVS, ZCS) to reduce energy losses;
  • Improve energy efficiency: 98% vs. 94% at the state of the art;
  • Increase power densities with integrated GaN circuits that operate at high frequency (>1MHz).

Wise-integration has developed the WiseGan GaN IC and combined it with the WiseWare patented system architecture to disrupt the power supply market. The French startup indeed claimed its platform reduces the charger’s size, weight, and energy consumption by a factor of 6. It is suitable for medium power applications from 30W to 3kW in three main markets: consumers for computer chargers, electric mobility with e-bike chargers, and industrial with data center power supply… Full article

Source: https://www.eetindia.co.in

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