With System Plus, EE Times re-Ups ‘Under-the-Hood’

An article written by Junko Yoshida for EETIMES – Ever since Pandora, everyone wants to know what’s inside the box. In electronics, this irrepressible curiosity applies to the newest iPhone, Android or Fitbit, or under the hood of an Audi or Tesla.

Who wouldn’t?

Pulling boxes apart has been a pastime (or passion) for most of our readers since they were toddlers. Now they’re professional engineers, and prying off the back of the gadget goes beyond mere pastime to a quest for competitive knowledge.

Wilfried Théron, head of electronic systems department at System Plus, in his lab (Photo: EE Times)

EE Times is happy to announce our “Under-the-Hood” series is back, this time, in partnership with System Plus Consulting.

System Plus Consulting (Nantes, France) is a part of Lyon-based boutique market/technology research firm Yole Développement. Backed by 27-years of history in cost-modeling expertise and database, System Plus isn’t standing still. Last year it acquired an Austin, Texas-based team that specializes in consumer product teardowns, previously owned by ABI Research.

Because there are many specialists and market research firms racing to track down and take apart the latest model of Samsung, Apple, HTC or Huawei devices, teardown is a fiercely competitive business.  In this light, what makes the System Plus team think they’re special?

Youssef El Gmili, head of Semiconductor Laboratory department at System Plus, shows a chip under the microscope (Photo: EE Times)

It’s not enough to know design wins

In a recent interview with EE Times, Romain Fraux, System Plus CEO, speaking of teardowns, stressed “Knowing design wins isn’t enough.”

Teardown isn’t a hobby… Full story

Source: https://www.eetimes.com

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