Would Apple change the power GaN world?

Over a long period, industrial companies followed up at a distance the development of GaN-based solutions mainly managed by R&D institutes and laboratories. Today the context has changed. Under the updated of its annual report, Power GaN: Epitaxy, Devices, Applications and Technology Trends, Yole Développement (Yole) identified, a lot of power electronics & compound semiconductor companies including leading players such as Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics… strongly engaged in significant projects of development.

Some of them already introduce in their portfolio a GaN product. But it is not the majority. So what is the status of GaN technologies? Can we affirm a clear adoption of GaN products? What would be the main applications?… Business dream or reality, the power GaN industry has been deeply analyzed by the Power & Wireless team from Yole. The analysts propose you today to discover a snapshot of this industry.

Today, it is crystal-clear that, from theoretical point of view, GaN offers fantastic technical advantages over traditional Si MOSFETs; the technology is very appealing, and more and more players are entering; moreover the lowering of prices could make GaN devices a good competitor of the currently used Si-based power switching transistors.

“Nevertheless the technical panorama is not clear yet; every manufacturer presents its solution on die design and packaging integration. This brings to a strong competition which will accelerate technical innovations in terms of integration and better performances,” says Elena Barbarini, PhD, Head of Department Semiconductors Devices at System Plus Consulting… Full story

Sources: www.yole.fr – www.systemplus.fr 

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