Yole Group of Companies

About Yole Group of Companies

Founded in 1998, Yole Développement, the “More than Moore” market research & strategy consulting company has grown to become a group of companies providing marketing, technology and strategy consulting, media in addition to corporate finance services. We have a global vision and customer base…

The “More than Moore” company Yole and its partners System Plus Consulting, PISEO, support industrial companies, investors and R&D organizations worldwide to help them understand markets and follow technology trends to develop their business… 

From our experience assessing emerging technologies for over a decade, we have developed a unique understanding of technologies that enables us to accurately evaluate markets, applications, solutions and strategies. We aim to build deep relationships, discussing and sharing information across our vast global network. A rapid convergence of key technologies is driving unprecedented change. In this dynamic environment our goal is to understand our customers’ strengths and guide their success. The focus of our business is to help our customers grow.


Jean-Christophe Eloy

YOLE developpement CEO & President

Our fields of competence include: 

   •  MEMS & Sensors: gyroscopes, accelerometers, IMUs, combos, compasses, microphones, microbolometers, RF…
   •  Imaging
   •  Advanced Packaging: 3D ICs, TSV, SoC, WLP, embedded die, flip-chip, IPD, interposers
   •  Power Electronics: modules/ICs, inverters, thermal management, high voltage devices …
   •  Solid State Lighting including OLEDs, HBLEDs, UV LEDs, blue lasers…
   •  Displays
   •  Optoelectronics 
   •  Compound Semiconductors & Substrates: SiC, sapphire, GaN, AlN, ZnO, SOI, GaAs…
   •  RF Electronics devices & technologies
   •  Photovoltaics: wafer-based, thin film, CPV, BIPV…
   •  MedTech: biochip, bioMEMS, MRT, inkjet…
   •  Nanomaterials
   •  Memory
   •  Software & Computing

Our research is performed by in-house personnel conducting open-ended discussion based interviews.

   •  70+ associates worldwide 
   •  Full time analysts with technical and marketing degrees  
   •  Primary research includes over 5,000 interviews annually